Hello, I’m Pawel Lipowczan,
Software Architect, Developer, Automation Specialist and Enterpreneur.

Talk is cheap

Show me the code

Call me Paweł


I develop in different technologies based on Microsoft (SQL Server, .NET, Azure).


From 2016 I am a Project Manager. My projects are always run with the highest care to details, meeting assumptions made in planning phase.

Hi! I am Pawel

I am a developer you wanna know

I am a sole proprietorship and I design and create IT systems based on Microsoft technology (SQL Server, .NET, Azure). I practice various sports for recreation: basketball, tennis, cycling, rollerblading, ice skating and skiing. New technologies: blockchain, public cloud, IoT are my passions. Personally I do invest in: stocks, cryptocurrencies, new technologies, startups. I am interested in creating websites in nocode or lowcode technology and automation. I love travelling so I explore the world several times a year. I photograph and describe the places I have visited from the ground and from the air (using a drone). Do you need a consultation? Let’s check what we can reach together. Set up your FREE CONSULTATION

My expertise

Backend Development

Using different languages and framework I bring ideas into the life. I was strongly involved in medical field. 


Blockchain is my interest filed which I explore by active investing and sharing the knowledge with others. 

Project management

I apply my long experience into real projects achieving all golas based on the given constraints. 


Each project I treat with the high priority for its usability and functionality. I care for transparent and effective architecture. 


I use my broad skills for many projects. I used to work for medical market as well as retail. There is no impossible in my work. If you have a problem I have a solution. Get my FREE CONSULTATION to see how it works.