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My first book in years

In my entire life, I have read very few books. It was mainly reading, but here too I preferred to read the abstract in most cases. So far, no one has managed to arouse in me a sincere desire to reach for a book. This is, in my opinion, the problem of our education.

My thoughts on education

I am of the opinion that they do not teach what is really important in schools. They instill in us a certain knowledge without showing how to effectively and permanently obtain information and use it later. They do not answer one fundamental question: “why?”. Why do we learn certain things, what is the purpose of acquiring the given knowledge. I am able to understand and explain to myself why I studied mathematics or the Polish language. However, I do not understand why they made us read the Teutonic Knights or The Wedding, and why they asked us in which year Napoleon Bonaparte was born. As if the fact that it was a specific date mattered. At school, students are not motivated to learn, but must pass a rigid curriculum. I am of the opinion that science results from real needs. I want to write good blog articles – I read about blogging and learn it. I want to be a C # developer, I am learning C # programming. I want to start a company, I learn how to start and run a business Acquiring such knowledge makes sense because we can immediately use it in practice and such knowledge will be preserved for many years. In addition, we then have the appropriate motivation thanks to which obtaining information or performing certain activities goes much better. For example: I have never liked to write essays in Polish and I do writing texts such as here on the blog willingly and with enthusiasm.

Back to the topic

I always read books out of force until something changed in me. I do not remember exactly what it was like and it is probably not important, but I know that at some point I came across Maciej Aniserowicz’s blog ( Then I was looking for some information on the use of Azure IoT in practice and I started to observe Maciek’s actions on social networks. Based on the information I got from his vlog, blog and other sources, I came to the conclusion that he is a valuable person. It was then that I started to think how to show him support and gratitude for what he was doing, and that’s when he started pre-selling his book. I didn’t hesitate too long and bought it. I did it just for the sole purpose of “support” without even having to read it. But when I got it, I decided to force myself to read it and to my surprise the book turned out to be really good! I read it with great interest and a little pleasure, looking forward to another reading time. Unfortunately, I didn’t get over my reluctance to read, but now I know it’s worth it and now I may not enjoy it very much, but it is part of my everyday life.


A very successful book. As I mentioned, I bought the book mainly because of my great respect for its author. I am a programmer with many years of experience and the subject matter is close to me. I know many of the topics described from my autopsy and many of Maciek’s experiences could be mine. Reading this book, I had the impression that it was about me, or as if I wrote it myself 🙂 In general, I think that this book is not only for programmers – there are many truths in it that can be applied in the life of every person. The author, however, did not avoid repeating certain statements that are obvious to me, but perhaps someone will find value even in such content. It is good to learn from the experience of those who are wiser than us. I wish this book was published 10 years ago when I started my adventure with IT. Perhaps I would avoid the same mistakes as Maciek. I made the same mistakes, I had the same problems, the same experiences. The book is not perfect, but good enough that I can safely recommend it to everyone, regardless of the stage they are at – whether they are just starting their career, or have already gone through a lot, or are at the end of it – it is never too late to make your dreams come true and achieve your goals. Contrary to appearances, the book is not only about programmers. Similar rules and guidelines could be used in other professions, so you can easily recommend this book to people who have nothing to do with IT and could also learn from it

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  • James Rodri

    If it’s fast and cheap, it will never be good. If it’s cheap and good, it will never work out quickly. And if it is good and fast, it will never come cheap. But remember: of the three you still have to always choose two.

    13:18 26 January 2020 Reply
  • Jack Morrison

    Think about the content that you want to invest in a created object, and only then will form. The thing is your spirit. A spirit unlike forms hard copy.

    13:18 26 January 2020 Reply
    • admin

      I love the feel and sophistication of its superiority. I like people with a keen mind and at the same time easy to talk to.

      13:18 26 January 2020 Reply
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