Microsoft Ignite The Tour Prague – Day 1

The Microsoft Ignite The Tour Prague conference is an event I participated in on February 24, 2020. Below, my short note from the first day of the event and the key points for me that I managed to get out.

Sessions in which I participated

I took part in the entire path of “Developing cloud native applications“. The theme was building and deploying cloud applications that are easy to manage, reliable, cost effective and scalable. World experts shared tips, tools and best practices for building and scaling cloud applications.

I really liked that everything the speakers talked about is available on github. Including scripts, commands and source codes that were used in the presentation. You can go back to these materials and check everything at home.

Key issues

The new Microsoft Edge browser

10 reasons why you should use Microsoft’s new browser were presented. These included personalization, cross-device synchronization, developer tools, and support for applications incompatible with new browsers. I can’t cite all of them, but it interested me enough that I plan to give this browser a chance in the near future.

Windows Terminal

An application where you can write commands in various environments such as PowerShell, Ubuntu, CMD, Azure Cloud Shell and many others. IMHO, a very useful tool.

Azure CLI

It is worth using the terminal and CLI commands mainly because of the repeatability and the ability to recreate the entire environment based on these commands.

Azure CLI environment variables

Environment variables in the Azure Cloud Shell are one way to parameterize your queries in the console. Thanks to this, you can limit the number of mistakes that may appear while typing commands.

Azure ARM Templates

ARM – Azure Resource Manager. The point is that everyone can run the code and implement identical Azure environments at home. Azure Resource Manager templates are used to implement the infrastructure as code for Azure solutions. The template is a JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) file that specifies the infrastructure and configuration of the project. This makes it easy to share and version.

Microsoft Whiteboard

I participated in the presentation of Microsoft devices and I was interested in the Microsoft Whiteboard application. The reason for my interest was that some time ago I was looking for a tool that would allow me and my team to implement EventStorming remotely. Many who use this methodology will say that remote EventStorming is a mistake, but in my case sometimes there is no other option and I honestly don’t think so.

Certificate voucher

A voucher for the Microsoft certification exam is available for all conference participants.

Jessica Deen

An amazing woman who presents the topics of containerization and Kubernetes in a very interesting way. It is worth observing and if someone will ever have the opportunity to be at a conference where they will speak, you can go blind.


Overall, I consider the first day of the Microsoft Ignite The Tour conference very successful. Once again, Microsoft has not disappointed me either as an organizer or as a company supporting innovation and providing people and organizations with tools and technologies to build systems and applications for the 21st century.

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